If you wish to mount the towel rail on a masonry wall, a drill with a normal iron tip is sufficient to drill the latter; if, on the other hand, you feel it is necessary to mount it on the tiles, you need a diamond point with the lance end specific for this type. Assuming that it involves drilling the tiles, take the towel holder and place it in the way that suits you best. With a pencil draw the outline of the two side supports of the armrest and at this point you can very well put aside the towel rack. Just place on the template the plastic or metal plate, precisely on the sign.
These plates must be mounted on the tiles with plastic dowels, in which the locking screws are housed. Once you have also traced the matching holes of the screw holes, you can start drilling the tiles. After drilling holes in the corresponding marks, insert the 4 dowels (two on each side) by hand. Now you can place the plate with the holes corresponding to the dowels and with a screwdriver fix it to the tiles. At this point you just have to take the towel rail and from top to bottom slide it into the keyway corresponding to the shape of the plates just fixed.
In this way the towel rail will be stable and ready for use. Of fundamental importance during the assembly phase it is above all, for an aesthetic sense, to use a level to check that the fixing happens perfectly. To avoid splintering the tiles, it is advisable to use a speed reducer that allows you to drill them gradually. If, on the other hand, the towel rack is not patented in this way, but the hooking takes place directly on the eyelet of the rear part, then you do not need to use the dowels with screws but the ficher (supplied) that allow it to be applied as normal painting hanging on the wall. Good job.
An excellent way to make a towel holder for the bathroom is to assemble two wooden frames of different sizes and connect them with other pieces of wood to be used as a base for resting on the floor. In this case, after having made the two frames with wooden murals measuring 4 x 4 cm, two other murals in the lower part are sufficient to create the support base on the floor, and on the upper part as a support point. With the wood you can also make other types of towel holders equally functional, such as with wooden boxes. In fact, if we have drawers of a piece of furniture to be scrapped, we can use them to hang them on the wall one on top of the other, eliminating the bottoms or leaving them intact to obtain a support for the
Finally, here is another very simple and functional system to create a nice and elegant towel holder multiple for the bathroom; if in fact, we have a wooden ladder of a bunk bed that we no longer use, we can shorten it and hook it to the tiles, taking advantage of the many rungs to hang towels of any length. Obviously, the idea of ​​creating a towel rack with a ladder is also extended to other materials such as brass and aluminum, which often correspond to the design with which the entire bathroom is furnished. These are just some examples of how you can make towel racks, and depending on your ideas and ability, you can build many others, perhaps taking inspiration from the techniques used previously.
Here is an  original accessory for a rustic bathroom: a  hanger or a wooden robe hook. Realizing it is very simple. Using  woods and recovery nails.  You can also use the wood of an Epal pallet, cleaned and deprived of moisture or mold.
An idea already widely used, but still worthy of mention is the wooden ladderleaning against the wall. The bathroom is furnished in style, for every style. Each peg is used to hold a towel, it is also useful for drying fabrics.
A wooden board set with half of some plastic animals. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, these small recycling trophies are absolutely irresistible.
For adults and children and for every room in the house, the perfect clothes hanger can be a wooden plank animated by playmobil, some ninja turtles or heart puppets , which come to life in another way, useful and fun.
Old handles or even soft paperweights , anchored to the wall, all hang up. Between minimal and retro, creativity to sell.